DCCA Inter-area Jamboree

Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth - Sunday 17th January 2016

West Devon 8,  South Devon 6,  East Devon 4

West Devon retained the Inter-area Jamboree trophy with a solid all round team performance in Exmouth, The West Devon team consisted of players from the Plymouth and South Hams clubs captained by Ben Wilkinson. Unfortuanately North Devon did not enter and so it was a three horse race. Interestingly of the 18 boards there were only 3 black wins and these were all from the victorious West team. West team results were: Stephen Levy 0, Martin Quinn ½, Mick Stinton-Brownbridge 1Nick Butland ½, Robert Wilby 0, David Archer 1, Nicholas Hodge 1, Megan O'Brien 1, Ben Wilkinson 1, Phil McConnell 1, John Dean ½Tony Tatam 1

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DCCA Inter-area Jamboree

IS½CA Centre, Exeter - Sunday 18th January 2015

West Devon 6½,  East Devon 6,  North Devon 6,  South Devon 5½

West Devon retained the Inter-area Jamboree trophy after a close encounter at the ISCA Centre in Exeter. The West Devon team consisted of players from the Plymouth and South Hams clubs captained by Ben Wilkinson. Results were as follows: Mick Stinton-Brownbridge 0, Adam Hart-Davis 0, Brian Medhurst 0, Nick Butland 1, Steven Levy ½, Martin Quinn 1, Robert Wilby ½, Nicholas Hodge ½, Ben Wilkinson 1, Clifford Peach 1, Tony Tatam 1 & Phil McConnell 0.

Unfortunately, young Nathan Mills, from the South Devon team, collapsed at the board from what appeared to be an epileptic fit and was taken by ambulance to hospital. We wish Nathan a speedy recovery.

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Photos below courtesy of Tony T
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             Mick Stinton-Brownbridge                                        Adam Hart-Davis                                             Brian Medhurst

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                           Nick Butland                                                   Steven Levy                                            Martin Quinn  

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                           Rob Wilby                                                  Nicholas Hodge                                           Ben Wilkinson (Capt)  

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                         Clifford Peach                                      The Inter-Area Jamboree                                     Phil McConnell

 West Devon 7½ South Devon 4½

Plymouth Chess Club hosted the 2012 Devon County Chess Association Inter-area Jamboree at the Plymouth Bridge & Chess Club on Sunday 22nd January 2012. Unfortuanately East Devon and North Devon were unable to raise sufficient players to field teams so it was a straight battle between West Devon and South Devon. The South Devon team consisted of players from the Torbay Chess League clubs and the West Devon team consisted of players from the host club. The South took an early lead but by the halfway stage the West had drawn level at 3-3. West Devon finished strongly and eventually ran out comfortable winners to retain the trophy they had won at Exeter last year. West Devon results were (in board order) as follows:

David Twine 1, Richard Pollock 1, Mick Stinton-Brownbridge 1, Lucasz Moskwa 1, Brian Medhurst ½, Martin Quinn ½, Rob Wilby 0, Stephen Jones 1, John Dean ½, Chris Zisimides 0, Phil Lochhead 0 & Megan O'Brien 1.

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             Bd1 Bill Ingham - David Twine                  Bd2 Richard Pollock - Freddie Sugden         Bd3 P Ruszelak - M Stinton-Brownbridge

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        Bd4 Lucasz Moskwa - Ben Wilkinson           Bd5 Dennis Russell - Brian Medhurst               Bd6 Martin Quinn - Charles Doidge

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           Bd7 Rob Wilby - Norman Tidy                     Bd8 Stephen Jones - Clifford Peach                Bd9 Roy Greenhalgh - John Dean

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      Bd10 Chris Zisimides - Stephen Greeno               B11 Bill Frost - Phil Lochhead                   Bd12 Megan O'Brien - Tony Stallon

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                               The West Devon team                                                                   The South Devon team

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   Rob Wilby, Captain of the South Devon team, presents the trophy to Tony Tatam, Captain of the West Devon team.

DCCA Inter-Area Jamboree - Plymouth

 22 January 2012

Board 1  (W) Ingham, H William (166)  0-1  (B) Twine, David (170)

Board 2  (B) Sugden, Freddie (147)  0-1  (W) Pollock, Richard M (162)

Board 3  (W) Ruszelak, Piotr (145)  0-1  (B) Stinton-Brownbridge, M (150)

Board 4  (B) Wilkinson, Ben R (137)  0-1  (W) Moskwa, Lucasz (149)

Board 5  (W) Russell, Dennis WJ (128)  ½-½  (B) Brian Medhurst (139)

Board 6  (B) Doidge, Charles (124)  ½-½  (W) Quinn, Martin (133)

Board 7  (W) Tidy, Norman F (116)  1-0  (B) Wilby, Robert G (135)

Board 8  (B) Peach, Clifford B (116)  0-1  (W) Jones, Stephen Paul (131)

Board 9  (W) Greenhalgh, Roy (105)  ½-½  (B) Dean, John E (115)

Board 10  (B) Greeno, Stephen P (104)  1-0  (W) Zisimides, Christopher (104)

Board 11  (W) Frost, William A (114)  1-0  (B)  Lochhead, Philip A (97)

Board 12  (B) Stallon, Anthony V (95)  0-1  (W) O'Brien, Megan E (96)

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